In Episode 4, we talked about mental health and the workplace. This came off the back of this very lovely comment from Scott Morrison:

We talked at some length (sorry) about what it can be like to have a mental health issue and a job, why “getting a job” is the wrong focus, and what the government should really be doing in order to support people through their employment, not just the “get a job” bit.

We also talked about how to be assertive at work, how to find motivation for extracurricular activity when your brain isn’t on board, Anna’s dog’s eye, and stuff we’ve been worrying about this month.

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Things to read

Anna’s bit on The Guardian about mental health and work

Parts of Anna’s interview with headspace CEO Chris Tanti

Scott Morrison telling young people that welfare is not like “IKEA” because that’s what young people like

Some of the Twitter backlash to ScoMo’s comments (Pedestrian)

Other stuff we talked about:

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Pituitary tumours

Disney’s The Lion King, the musical