We’re back! And we’re so excited, in fact, that this episode is one trillion years long! You can listen to this until you literally perish in the inevitable heat death of the universe!

This month, we’re angry. We’re angry about Stephen Fry and his failure to engage in intersectionality; we’re angry about the worthlessness of awareness raising via Guy Pearce’s campaign with Beyond Blue; we’re angry about all the times Erin sang in this episode. We also talked about being in a relationship with another person with a mental illness, about talking to our pets, about Anna’s fear of failure, and about Justin Timberlake.

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** correction (25/4/16): six people per day die by suicide in Australia, on average [source]

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Things we talked about

Stephen Fry says rape victims should ‘grow up’ (SMH)

Stephen Fry is not a mental illness ally (Anna’s blog)

beyondblue campaign raises awareness of anxiety as one in five believe people with anxiety ‘put it on’ to avoid uncomfortable situations

Helen Razer’s bit about Guy Pearce (Crikey)

Erin cheating on us with the Curvy Yoga podcast

Anna’s manifesto for a metaphorical death (spoken word, 2:00)

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